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Residential Inspections

Comprehensive residential property inspections conducted with cutting-edge technology and tools to provide detailed reports quickly, ensuring clients have the necessary information for informed decisions.

All home inspections in Texas must comply with the “Standards of Practice” (SOP) established by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). For your convenience, we have provided a copy of the SOP. Following the home inspection, we will present our findings and address any questions you may have. The completed report will be delivered within 24 hours after the inspection. Your report will include:

  • Digital photographs taken during the inspection
  • A Summary Section listing defective and marginal items for repair or replacement
  • A Pre-Closing Home Inspection checklist for verifying repairs before closing

Our home inspection reports are informative and easy to read. Each section is organized with a detailed summary, making it simple to reference repairs quickly. A typical home inspection takes approximately three to four hours and covers the following structural and mechanical components and systems:


Commercial Inspections

Thorough commercial property inspections carried out by experienced professionals utilizing the latest tools and techniques. Detailed reports are provided promptly to aid clients in their decision-making process.


Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-listing inspections to help sellers understand the condition of their property, identify potential issues, and make necessary repairs before listing. Detailed reports are compiled for a smooth selling process.

Post-Inspection Support

Unmatched post-inspection support to address any queries or concerns after the inspection process. Guidance and assistance provided to ensure clients have a seamless experience throughout.

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